Theme-Based Approach in Digital Textile Pattern Design


  • Pinar Arslan Department of Textile Design, Faculty of Art and Design, Ankara Hac? Bayram Veli University, Golbasi, Ankara, Turkey



Design, textile design, design process, theme, pattern design


Despite globalization, fashion, fast consumption, changing customer perception, demands and expectations in the textile sector, unique, creative and innovative textile pattern designs are needed in order to exist and survive in the national and international arena. The fact that designing textile patterns suitable for the digital age is related to the correct planning, execution and implementation of the design process should not be ignored. The aim of this research is to make original and innovative textile pattern designs by determining the main design theme, sub-theme topics/keywords with the mind map method and to examine the textile pattern design process in detail. Experimental research method was used as a method in the study. While the population of the research is 2nd-year students at the Textile Design Department of Ankara Hac? Bayram Veli University, the sample of the research consisted of the textile pattern designs of 5 students from the same Department. In this study, the textile pattern design process was carried out based on the group work. At the end of the comprehensive research process, 5 students in the group determined the main design theme, sub-theme topics and keywords by using the mind map method. Digital textile pattern designs were made.


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