Isoconazole Nitrate Loaded Chitosan Nanoparticles: Design, In Vitro Characterization and Release Study


  • Gülsel Yurtdas Kirimlioglu Anadolu University, Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, 26470 Eski?ehir, Türkiye



Isoconazole nitrate, Nanoparticles, Chitosan, Spray-drying, Release


The purpose of the present investigation was the formulation and characterization of isoconazole nitrate (ISO) loaded chitosan nanoparticles by spray-drying technique for dermal delivery. The formulations were characterized using particle size and zeta potential assays, morphological and thermal investigations, and encapsulation efficiency (EE%) using a modified HPLC procedure. The pattern of ISO release from nanoparticles was investigated using a dialysis membrane. Smaller particle size (501-588 nm) was observed in the formulations, as well as a narrower size distribution, positively charged and spherical properties. DSC analyses suggested that ISO was molecularly distributed in chitosan nanoparticles. EE% values were influenced by the drug-polymer ratio and it was found in the range of 68-79%. The fact that ISO was released from nanoparticles over a period of 24 hours suggested that the release was prolonged. The Peppas-Sahlin model fits all release kinetic parameters well for in vitro release from all nanoparticles. It demonstrates that ISO release from formulations is mostly caused by a strategy that integrates Fickian and non-Fickian release strategies. In vitro studies revealed that chitosan nanoparticles appear to be promising for improving dermal delivery system of ISO, as well as reducing potential adverse effects and drug resistance.


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