Authors Guidelines

Name in Paper
The corresponding author is responsible to mention names of all contributors of the paper. Often a paper acquires its final shape through ideas generated by a number of people. In such cases it is important to mention all those names that have participated in execution of the paper. Even a minor participation requires acknowledgement so as to take care of grievances that may occur later on. If the paper has multiple authors then the corresponding author is responsible to have mentioned their names. Moreover all co-authors are supposed to be on agreement for the final version of the paper that is to be published. Mutual consent of all authors is an essential requirement which has to be ensured by the corresponding author before the paper reaches the editorial board.

Genuine Work
It is mainly the responsibility of the author to guarantee that the paper sent is original and chiefly their own work. Where ideas are taken from other sources there needs to be proper citation and referencing. If the content is plagiarized it shall be immediately rejected.
Significance of work
Authors need to invite the interest of reviewers by explicitly stating the significance of their work. The paper has to generate some new idea so that it becomes a valid contribution in the realm of science. The conclusion should gain attention for readership and is supposed to have some impact among the research community.

The authors need to keep their data safely intact because it may be required by the editorial board as they review the paper. This would be done just to check for the authenticity of the work sent. Thus authors should not discard the raw data that was used for giving the paper its final shape. In fact authors need to keep it safe even after publication since it can be demanded by the editors any time. It is guaranteed that the data sent would not be misused in any case.

The paper publication process is achieved through collaboration. If an author finds information sent in the paper erratic or inappropriate he/she must not wait for the reviewers to handle it, in fact should notify immediately so that it gets corrected.

Acknowledgment of Funding Sources
If the paper is funded the source has to be acknowledged at the end.